The Culinary Journey

A Mission To Create Great Barbeque

Welcome! I'm Thomas Kirk and I'll be your Pitmaster for the best BBQ in Colorado. Battle Borne BBQ was born in 2007 while I served in the military at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I was offered an opportunity to participate in BBQ competition for my unit to compete against all the other units on base. The victor was sent to the Memphis in May International Festival.

Recognized by USA Today as the “Most Prestigious Barbeque Contest,” the Memphis in May World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest is a four-day competition held in Memphis, Tennessee.

Having spent six months analyzing information available, I began experimenting with various types of seasonings, wood types and meat quality. During this time I reached out to industry experts who helped me along the way in providing source material from some of the most well known pit masters in the United states.

I went on to win the Fort Bragg competition and I was able to go on to meet several world-renown pitmasters and chefs. From that day forward, I became hooked and immersed myself in all things BBQ - from smoked brisket and ribs to pulled chicken and pork - I wanted to serve up a perfectly cooked cut of meat to as many people as I could.

Meet The Pitmaster

Original Mouth-Watering BBQ

Thomas Kirk spent over ten years learning under Ed Mitchell and Christopher Prieto - both known as the Kings of Carolina BBQ. Learning their techniques in meat quality, wood quality, burn time and seasoning, Thomas quickly immersed himself in all of the BBQ culture he could find.

Upon leaving the military, he went on to become a professional Pitmaster, having entered several major competitions across the continental US. From the Carolinas, Kansas City, and Texas, he entered and won tournaments in each location. All the while taking in their culture, their knowledge, and their training to help become the Pitmaster he is today. 

After leaving the competition circuit, Thomas went on to open a food truck in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where he quickly made a name for himself for his original style that took the BBQ competition circuit by storm.

After operating his food truck for several years, he decided it was time to move back home to be near family - at which point he packed up and made his way home to Cañon City, Colorado, where he once again hopes to bring his love and passion for BBQ to the great people of Fremont County. 

Best BBQ Restaurant In Colorado

Quality, Authentic, Smoked Meats

Don’t go out of your way for subpar food when you can have authentic, Texas-style, pit-smoked brisket, Carolina-inspired pulled pork, or a smoked pulled chicken that will just melt in your mouth! Come visit Battle Borne BBQ restaurant in Cañon City, Colorado or enjoy freshly cooked pit BBQ with convenience of delivery, all at an affordable price.

From the highest quality cuts of meats to our made-from-scratch sides, the food and homemade recipes at Battle Borne BBQ are extremely well-received by folks from all over the country. Our chicken is moist and tender. Pork is smoked bone-in to lock in the juicy competition-style flavor. Our smoked brisket is the star of the show, cooked entirely on pits for the best results.

When you want authentic BBQ, Battle Borne BBQ delivers tastes unlike anything your senses have experienced - until now.

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